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Impeccable AI Development Platform

AXII combines powerful features for both individuals and teams that allow them to collaborate better and be more productive at their daily tasks.

For individuals it is a tool that helps them design even the most complex pipelines and then execute them with a single click.

For teams it is a knowledge repository that helps them easily share, find and reuse effects of their work.

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Company-wide knowledge hub

All projects automatically documented and stored in one place

Centralised, easily accessible source of knowledge about AI/ML projects. AXII tracks every version of data, code and experiments and keeps them well documented. 

Facilitates knowledge sharing in and across organisations.

Cuts down the time needed to onboard new team members and keeps your projects running despite team reshuffles.

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Common data and code repository

Everyone is empowered to find, reuse and share every piece of work across projects

Raw and processed data, code, whole workflows and processes.

AXII empowers everyone in the company to easily find, reuse and share components. This reduces development time and the number of errors made.

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From idea to production

AI project flow under control

AXII can orchestrate every step of any AI project - from iterative, exploratory work to complete production grade pipelines.

Fosters collaboration in teams and across organisations to move the project through development stages.

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Work as you like, build what you want

AXII offers full flexibility of what can be built on top of it. Irrespectively of the domain you are in or the class of problem you are solving, AXII supports you in your efforts.



AXII is built on Kubernetes and can be deployed to your cloud or on-premise in minutes. It's risk-free - your team doesn't have to rewrite the whole stack to start using AXII.


No need to rewrite code

Just ingest your existing code into AXII and take advantage of all the benefits.


No need to import any specific library

No extra imports, no new dependencies. AXII provides full clarity.


Friendly Graphical User Interface

Web browser client with intuitive GUI speeds up the adoption.

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