Impeccable AI Development Platform

We help teams building their own AI solutions work faster and collaborate better.
Our Story

We help organisations that develop their own AI models focus on business results instead of maintenance and operations. Our key to success is improving collaboration between diverse roles in AI teams. 

Our Vision

Platform that promotes collaboration, improves discoverability and reusability of AI workflows in a company.  Complete platform with tools for every stage of AI development process:

  • processing and analysing data

  • training and evaluating AI models

  • model serving and monitoring

  • maintaining models deployed to production.


Self-hosted solution that integrates with your tech stack. Flexible and powerful tools, that do not impose any limitations.




AXII is the first and central component of Impeccable AI Development Platform. It combines powerful collaboration features with an approach that is tested and verified by the industry.



AXII encourages users to discover, reuse and share data and repeatable tasks. It allows everyone in the organisation to modify and extend existing tasks and workflows. Either for quick prototyping or iterative improvement. This boosts the flow of ideas.


At it's core, AXII is an AI workflow builder and executor. It supports agile, iterative workflow development and allows smooth transitions to scheduled, production ready pipelines.


AXII supports DBs, local and cloud object storages, NFS and more. It optimises data access, reduces duplication and helps integrating data stored in various locations. Everyone in the company can find all available datasets in one place. 


AXII tracks the lineage and versions of every entity (your data, tasks, models, code). This allows to precisely identify the origin and history of each of them.


AXII organises and optimises the utilisation of compute resources. It queues workflows for execution or, if desired, scales resources up and down to fulfil current needs.


AXII integrates with your tech stack and external software commonly used in the industry. We are expanding the list of services we work with and can advise you on picking the best one for your needs.

Abstract Background

Meet The Team

We are Engineers and Entrepreneurs experienced in designing, building and productionising AI. We learnt from the most talented people in Tech Giants, our customers and our own mistakes.

Since November 2021, we are turning our expertise into the next generation of AI development tools.


Paweł Kapica

Co-Founder & CEO

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Machine Learning Engineer

ex-Microsoft, ex-Tractable

Computer Science @ University of Warsaw


Łukasz Piesiewicz

Co-Founder & CTO

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Software Engineer


Computer Science @ University of Warsaw


Michał Paluśkiewicz


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